Any customer can cancel the order if customer changed their mindset for not to purchase before shipping the product from our seller warehouse or has net been picked up by our courier partner, however, after delivery of order, cancellation will not be permissible.

Return policy:

Customer may return or exchange the product if provided valid reason for return. In case of product issue then our technical team will verify the product and if found as originally shipped then return will be acceptable. Order has to be return within 7 working days for product which is not perishable in nature. Order related to grocery item will be returned in case product is damaged or defective then return will be acceptable within 1 working days.


In case of return approved the return value will be refunded to customer’s Wallet immediately, and, Customer may again place the order through wallet payment, however, if refund requested by customer then amount will be credited within 7 working days to customer’s originally payment method or bank account. In case order had been placed by cash then refund will be processed through wallet and if requested for refund then amount will be credited to their bank account within 7 working days.